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A defense of the exhausted, exploited, and overworked

Extra-curricular activities. Honors classes. 60-hour work weeks. Side hustles. Like many Americans, Dr. Devon Price believed that productivity was the best way to measure self-worth. Price was an overachiever from the start, graduating from both college and graduate school early, but that success came at a cost. After Price was diagnosed with a severe case of anemia and heart complications from overexertion, they were forced to examine the darker side of all this productivity.

Laziness Does Not Exist explores the psychological underpinnings of the “laziness lie,” including its origins from the Puritans and how it has continued to proliferate as digital work tools have blurred the boundaries between work and life.

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Également par Dr. Price : Unmasking autism : discovering the new faces of neurodiversity

Une exploration du sujet, diffusée par Dr. D’s Social Network Podcast [en anglais] :

Source: Rosalie Méthot, Bibliothèque