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Louise Glück’s work consistently draws on her own experience, looking for the common threads in it that render it universal. Her poems are not confessional, they are mythic. Her poems are so powerful because her portrayal of experience reminds us so trenchantly of what we recognize we too have seen and felt.

Winter Recipes from the Collective is chamber music, an invitation into that privileged realm small enough for the individual instrument to make itself heard, dolente, its line sustained, carried, and then taken up by the next instrument, spirited, animoso, while at the same time being large enough to contain a whole lifetime, the inconceivable gifts and losses of old age, the little princesses rattling in the back of a car, an abandoned passport, the ingredients of an invigorating winter sandwich, a sister’s death, the joyful presence of the sun, its brightness measured by the darkness it casts.

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Écouter Louise Glück en entrevue pour son Prix Nobel [en anglais] :

Source: Rosalie Méthot, Bibliothèque